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Lifespan Recovery Management (LRM):
Recovery without stigma

A place to begin or enhance the quality of your recovery


Lifespan Recovery  Management (LRM) begins at our office. We do a thorough assessment to determine an appropriate level of outpatient or residential care. All outpatient services are provided at our location in West Palm Beach.

When the need for withdrawal management or residential services is indicated we refer to select facilities and case manage our patient throughout the process. What makes LRM unique is that an LRM professional will manage your recovery through all levels of care until stable recovery is achieved. Following that we arrange for semi-annual check-ups to monitor recovery and to periodically recommend selected services.


We have a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment & recovery. It relies heavily on the principles of Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART). We do not use labels, e.g. alcoholic or addict. We do not use stigmatizing language.

Our approach makes recovery without stigma or shame a reality.

From a patient & a colleague:

"Words of thanks are immeasurable for the profound influence that you have had on my life… “ ~ Thank you… L R F… Singer Island… FL

  “Long-term monitoring and treatment of any chronic illness enhances the  likelihood of better outcomes...” ~ Louis E. Baxter, Sr., M.D, Past President: American Society of Addiction Medicine 


Provider's goal:

My primary professional goal is to treat addiction as a chronic disorder without stigma or shame being attached. I've been helping individuals and families manage addiction for 30 years. The professionals who do this work need to take on the responsibility for making stigma go away. I share these thoughts by writing and presenting at professional conferences. 

Perhaps I can help you to recover with dignity.    Michael Weiner, Ph.D., MCAP



In what ways is LRM different from current practices? 


LRM monitors a chronic disorder over the course of a lifetime.  

People with addiction have periiodic check-ups to assess the quality of  

their recovery and the risks that can 

lead to a recurrence. Recurrences   

may be avoided or minimized.

· All of the time spent in recovery is 

  important. We learn from all of our   


· LRM is built on success, not failure. 

Recover with Dignity / Lifespan Recovery Management in West Palm Beach


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